Thursday, February 10, 2011

And third review...

Patchwork Dreams

What a wonderful, sweet story of healing and coming of age. In the Amish community they have a time in a young persons life where they go from being children to adults. It is called a rumspringa. After that time period they have to decide if they will then join the church and be fully committed to the Amish way of life or to choose to live a life outside the Amish community. As with any teenagers, the world has many temptations to draw them into things that will only get them into trouble.

Becky made some mistakes during that time by allowing a boy outside the Amish community to sweet talk her into seeing him. Because of that boys lies and the fact that she had a baby from that relationship she was shunned by her community. She had made amends in front of the church but people didn't forgive her mistakes the way the Lord did.

Jacob thought he had his life all figured out. He was dating Susie and was planning on marrying her during the upcoming marriage season. But when he meets Becky he sees something in her that he doesn't see in Susie. His feelings for Becky are very different, as well. As he works with Becky's dad in the blacksmith shop he starts to see things from a mans point of veiw instead of a boys. Jacob changes from the boy who liked to run around and be irresponsible to a man with a trade that he can use to provide for a family and a desire to have a woman who followed the Amish order of life instead of someone trying to drag him away from it.

This book shows you honor and commitment to the Lord, a way of life and people you love. It shows you how a simple life can be one of fulfillment and happiness. It was a pleasure to read Patchwork Dreams and I recommend it to anyone who loves a sweet romance.


  1. I just finished the book and my review is posted here:

  2. Laura, I haven't read your book, but as an unpublished author on the road to publication, I fully intend to help you on your journey! I have 5 kids too, and we homeschool as well! I feel like we have something in common! Email me. I'm sure you have some wisdom to share! This is my first year to homeschool after 14 years of teaching. I'd love to hear from you! I will get your book from CBD and review it on my blog.