Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Wanda says: Patchwork Dreams is such an excellent book. I enjoyed it from the first page to the last.
Becky is paying for her past mistakes in a big way. During her running around time (rumspringa) in the Amish culture Becky has a baby and her peers keep shunning her, even after she has asked for forgiveness.
Then Jacob comes along. Jacob is sent to their farm(he thinks to only help out for the summer) but the others think he is sent here to bring new blood into the community. Only problem Jacob is already going to get married to a girl from his home.
So we follow these two. Jacob wants to get Becky to smile and that is the mission he sets out on. In Patchwork Dreams you will see many changes in both people and see how they grow up in different situations.
I don’t care for a lot of Amish stories, because the authors are usually judgmental of the English world and always put the Amish above them, but with Patchwork Dreams it isn’t like that at all. We see a story about everyone making mistakes, wrong choices and peace finally if we go in the right way.
The characters have a lot of love and commitment to the Lord, with a lot of touching scenes. This is the first of a new series about The Amish of Seymour by Laura Hilton
This is a book that I can feel good about recommending for all to read. It has everything a good novel should have from tenderness, sadness, forgiveness, peace and joy. So you need to buy this book if you love to read and Amish stories are some of your favorites. Even if you don’t like Amish stories this one is different and full of exciting happenings.

I'll be interviewing for a radio show tonight too. Appreciate all prayers!


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