Saturday, June 29, 2013

Psalm 118:24 / ICRS

Someone asked me to share about ICRS - if I would.  She shared what one industry professional shared.   And I will say that unlike this professional, I went with no expectations.  

ICRS was like a giant bookstore.  Gift items, cards, music, books... lots
of books.  And I found it totally cool to finally meet my agent Tamela. I
met Martha Rogers. Cynthia Ruchti. Susan May Warren.  Randy Singer.  Fay
Lamb.  Tricia Goyer.  Karen Kingsbury. Pam Meyers. And others. As well as my
publisher - Bob Whitaker, Christine Whitaker and Cathy Hickling. 
Whitaker House went above and beyond, trying to make me comfortable.
Totally appreciate that.

I didn't want to go. Marketing is not something I'm comfortable with.  But
as the time got closer, and as I prayed more and more about it - God kept
bringing Esther to mind.  "For such a time as this..."

I'm not saying God was going to use me to save a nation. I am saying He
wanted me there for some reason that I still don't know.  
At the book signing, I sat and someone asked me to sign the book
generically - meaning, just my name.  So, the general generic signing I use
is "Blessings, Laura V. Hilton." I started to write the B in cursive. I got
the little hook at the beginning, and half of the down stroke.

Then God stopped me.  Literally.  He held my  hand still in the middle of
the down stroke on the B and said, "No. I want you to write "You're accepted
in the Beloved. Ephesians 1:6-7" Laura V. Hilton."  And so that is what I
wrote. On all 78 copies of my book that I signed. "You're accepted in the
Beloved." and the reference. That was a major theme in Surrendered Love, if
you remember.

One person walked away crying.  I had a line, or I probably would've
followed after her to pray. One person said "Wow. That is a powerful
testimony." And a very large black woman introduced herself as a pastor's
wife somewhere in St. Louis, took Healing Love and Surrendered Love and said
she was going to use them at her church to show women there are good books
out there. They need the message.

I did the interviews and didn't stutter a bit.  I shared my cancer story -
five or six times - as I was asked. I'm sure it was shared more, as my hair
is down to my bottom and everyone wanted to know if I grew it all my life.
And my publicist was telling them my story - as I was bald during chemo five
years ago.  So people heard the story of God's healing and testimony there.
I told multiple people "Its all about Him." 
It's all about Him.  
Laura V. Hilton

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